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At CR Foam, we are proud to offer a diverse range of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) solutions tailored to meet a variety of industrial, construction, and packaging needs. Our products are designed with precision and sustainability in mind, ensuring high quality and efficiency for our clients.

Bead Fusion

Elevate your construction's integrity with our Bead-Fusion EPS Insulation Sheets, engineered for optimal energy efficiency and structural stability. Suitable for a variety of applications including under-the-slab, below-grade projects, roofing, siding, and perimeter insulation, Bead-Fusion exemplifies reliability.

Bead-Fusion 25 & Bead-Fusion 10: Our line includes Bead-Fusion 25 for high-density insulation at 25 PSI and Bead-Fusion 10 for low-density at 10 PSI. Both provide robust thermal resistance with R-Values of 4.50 R/inch and 3.80 R/inch, respectively.

Superior Properties:

  • Compressive Strength: Handles high loads with up to 25 PSI compressive resistance.

  • Density: Custom-tailored to your application. Meets strict ASTM standards.

  • Moisture Resistance: Remains efficient under moist conditions, perfect for use as underlayment insulation in various construction settings.

  • Energy Saving:  BeadFusion insulates year round keeping your energy bills down saving you money.

Product Specifications:

Bead-Fusion boards come in thickness increments of 1/2" for precise fitting.
Dimensions are versatile, available in 4' x 8' and 4' x 10' sheets, accommodating a broad range of construction needs.

Choose Bead-Fusion EPS Insulation Sheets for cost-efficient, superior, and environmentally friendly insulation. 


Foam Form Panels

Introducing our custom-made Foam Form Panels – the versatile and reliable insulation choice for barns, mobile homes, and shallow footings. Designed for specific project requirements, these panels ensure your structures are well-protected and energy-efficient.

Customizable Solutions:

  • Shallow Footing Forms: Specially crafted to provide insulation for shallow footings, our foam forms are key to creating stable, frost-resistant foundations for your buildings.

  • Skirting Panels: Improve the thermal envelope of barns and mobile homes, enhancing both protection and aesthetics.

Features and Benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency: Boosts R-value leading to significant energy savings and comfort.

  • Durability: Constructed to last, our panels withstand the test of time and elements.

  • Ease of Installation: Lightweight but robust, our panels streamline your construction process.

  • Versatile Applications: Our Foam Form Panels are a perfect fit for a range of uses, including but not limited to: Ag buildings needing durable skirting, mobile homes needing adding insulation, construction projects needing precise, custom insulation solutions 

  • Special 2D Cuts: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we offer custom 2D cutting services.  We shape your vision with precision.

R-More 450 Fan Fold

R-More 450 Fan-Fold insulation represents peak efficiency and innovation, designed to enhance the insulation system of any building. This underlayment insulation minimizes thermal conduction and manages surface condensation on metal walls and ceilings.

Product Highlights:

  • R-Value: Delivers an R-Value of R-2.08 per 1/2" when installed correctly, ensuring a warmer, energy-efficient space.

  • Versatile Sizing: Available in a pack of 25 panels, each 2' x 4', for seamless, adaptable installation across various project dimensions.

  • Thickness Options: Offered in 1/4" and 1/2" thicknesses to meet specific insulation needs.

  • Laminate Facer: Options include durable metal, woven, or clear polypropylene laminate, accommodating different environmental conditions and preferences.

Effortless Installation and Applications: Designed to lay flat during installation, R-More 450 Fan-Fold is ideal for a wide array of applications, including:

  • Roof and basement underlayment

  • Crawl spaces and interior wall insulation

  • Waterproofing protection board

  • Radiant-heating floors

  • Siding underlayment

Advantageous for Various Settings: R-More 450 Fan-Fold is highly effective in both new constructions and recovery applications, providing unmatched protection and efficiency in both heated and non-heated environments.

Fan Fold Picture..jpg

Shallow Footing Form

Our FrostStop Shallow Footing Forms provide the ultimate solution for structures requiring unfailing stability in frigid conditions. These forms are engineered to combat the challenges of on-grade shallow footings and serve as your primary defense against frost heave.

Advantages of FrostStop Footing Forms:

  • Quick Assembly: Designed for easy and fast assembly, significantly cutting construction time.

  • Reduced Construction Complexity: Simplifies the construction process by reducing the need for traditional formwork.

  • Elimination of Removal Steps: Say farewell to the time and labor-intensive process of form removal post-concrete pouring.

  • Soil and Labor Cost Savings: Minimize the need for extensive earthwork and backfill, significantly reducing labor and material costs.

  • Protection Against Soil Heaving: Offers insulation against frozen heaving soil, safeguarding your project.

  • Energy Efficiency: Provides a thermal break, enhancing building energy efficiency by retaining warmth and reducing heating costs.

Research-Backed Performance: Research shows that maintaining soil temperatures around 50°F with insulation prevents frost from penetrating deeper soil layers.

Ideal for Diverse Applications: Perfect for residential, commercial, and agricultural use, where durability and energy efficiency are crucial.


R-More 472

Maximize the efficiency of your agricultural, commercial, or residential structures. These EPS foam rolls offer an R-Value of 2.08, effectively preventing energy loss.

Engineered for use in both non-heated and heated metal or wooden buildings, R-More 472 is adaptable for above and below-grade uses, fitting seamlessly between wall or roof panels or within the framework.

Key Features:

  • Condensation Control: Say goodbye to moisture problems.

  • Radiant and Convection Barriers: Reflects heat and reduces convection, stabilizing interior temperature regardless of external conditions.

  • Vapor Barrier: Blocks moisture ingress, protecting structures from humidity. 

  • Thermal Bridging Minimization: Disrupts thermal bridging to reduce heat transfer.

  • Sustainable R-Value: Maintains long-term thermal resistance.

  • Energy and Cost Efficiency: Lowers heating and cooling expenses, benefiting both your budget and the environment.

  • User-Friendly Installation: Designed with ease in mind, each lightweight roll comes with protective covers, making it effortless to handle, apply, or store.

Available in thicknesses from 1/4" to 1/2" and in rolls of 4' x 72', R-More 472 Rolls are versatile, ensuring quality and ease of use. Choose R-More 472 for a practical insulation solution that combines performance with practicality.


2-D & Specialty Projects

 Utilizing advanced CNC and hotwire cutting technology, we offer custom shapes and sizes to meet specific project requirements, from intricate designs to large-scale architectural elements.

Customization at Its Finest:

  • Tailored Designs: From complex geometries to simple, clean cuts, our technology allows for an unmatched level of customization.

  • Large-Scale Production: Size is no barrier to our capabilities. We handle expansive architectural elements with the same precision as smaller, detailed cuts.

Advanced Technology:

  • CNC Precision: Our CNC cutting technology offers incredible accuracy, ensuring that every cut is consistent with your specifications.

  • Hotwire Versatility: The hotwire cutting method allows for smooth finishes on a variety of EPS densities, accommodating an array of design needs.

Efficiency and Quality:

  • Speed: Our cutting services are not only precise but also remarkably swift, keeping your project on schedule.

  • Quality: We ensure that each piece meets the highest standards of quality, ready for installation upon delivery.

Applications: Our custom cutting services cater to a vast spectrum of applications, including:

  • Construction: Tailored insulation panels for residential and commercial buildings.

  • Decorative: Customized architectural moldings, cornices, and facades.

  • Industrial: Bespoke packing solutions and industrial components.


High-Quality Adhesives:
Our range of glues is formulated to create strong, enduring bonds between EPS materials and a variety of surfaces. Whether you're adhering panels or affixing insulation, our adhesives are designed to withstand the elements, providing a hold that's as lasting as it is strong.

Specialized Taping Solutions:
Sealing seams and joints is a critical step in insulation, and our specialized tapes are engineered to seal effectively. Moisture-resistant and durable, they provide an impenetrable barrier against air leaks and thermal bridges, ensuring your insulation performs at its peak.

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Robust Rebar Reinforcement:
Supporting the structural integrity of your projects, our selection of rebar is the backbone for any construction endeavor. Available in various sizes and grades, it provides the necessary tensile strength to concrete structures, ensuring stability and resilience for years to come.

Enhance your construction projects with our premium rebar options, available in 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch diameters to meet diverse structural requirements. Typically used in standard lengths to optimize reinforcement and performance, our rebar ensures a solid foundation and increased durability under stress. Ideal for reinforcing concrete across various applications, our rebar is crucial for maintaining the integrity of everything from small residential projects to large commercial infrastructures. Trust CR Foam's rebar to deliver the support and reliability your projects deserve.

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